MTA RIL Language Archive Server

MTA RIL IMDI Metadata Domain


The IMDI Metadata Domain allows you to browse and search in the whole domain of linked IMDI metadata descriptions as they are registered at the IMDI portal at the Research Institute for Linguistics. All Metadata descriptions are openly accessible, for many resources however one needs to ask access permission. Read further to find out how this is done. The full manual is available here.

How to explore the archive:

On the left hand side, you see the whole hierarchy of linked IMDI corpora, which you can explore by clicking on the small circles or by double-clicking the names. If you click on an item with the right mouse button (or control-click with a single button Mac mouse), you will get a contextual menu with additional functionality, depending on what kind of item you have selected:

  • view node: shows the content of a file. For Metadata files, you will get the content of the metadata description. For media files, you will get to see the actual resource. For EAF, Shoebox/Toolbox and CHAT annotation files, the ANNEX annotation viewer will be launched. If access to a resource is restricted, you will get an authentication window in which you need to type your user name and password (only once).
  • create bookmark: gives you a page with several links on it which you can bookmark, so you can easily return to that resource or corpus node or send it to someone else.
  • metadata search: gives you a metadata search interface. All metadata files under the selected part of the hierarchy will be searched. There are two types of search: a simple "google-like" search, and a more advanced search for searching within selected metadata fields.
  • annotation content search: allows you to search within all annotation files (EAF, Shoebox/Toolbox, CHAT and plain text) underneath the selected corpus node. You can only search within those files that you have access to.
  • set access rights: launches the Access Management System. "Normal" users can change their password, "Administrator" users can define access rights for their corpus.
  • download: download the resource or metadata description to your local computer. Only downloads single files, if you want to donwload entire corpora, consider using Arbil.
  • request resource access: gives you a form to ask for access to that specific resource or corpus.

The above description is a mirror of the original page of the MPI IMDI browser.